Saturday, August 24, 2013

An Insomniacnight's dream - Party rock, Granny!

Yes, even insomniacs have dreams. It's kind of like daydreaming only at night and the dream is so captivating that it keeps me awake.
I used to try to write stories using 10 random words but I've never succeeded. So this time I chanced upon a writing prompt generator which seems to be primary school level.

Here it is!-->

I guess my writing level permanently stuck there. Oh, the nostalgia! You're probably thinking: Good Lord! No! She's going to write one. And right you are!

My prompt was:
"You awake from a nap only to discover you are 80 years old.  Describe what happens next."

   Upon waking, everything felt stiff. Immediately, I had a sense of certain doom, something obviously wasn't right. Swinging my legs off the bed like usual was something I would regret, for from that single action an orchestra of "cracks" and "pops" ensued. I could feel my panic(and pain) rising as I hurried, or tried to hurry, to my mirror. 
   The mirror had become my enemy during my short nap for what I saw within was a grandmother who was wearing my clothes. Try imagining granny in really short shorts and a tank top. On second thought, don't. It took me almost a minute to come to realization that the dazed looking granny in the mirror was me.
   Horrified at this outcome, I ran/hobbled as quickly as a could to my parents room to find my mother serenely painting her nails.She looked up at me and said: 

"My goodness! I told you to sleep early and take proper care of your skin. You should used all those face products I bought for you ."

"Mother, I am quite sure what you're see-ing is much more than just a skin deep issue." I retorted. Stunned with my mother's comment and half impressed with my own ability to respond coherently to her statement.

"Anyway, there is some supper in the kitchen if you're hungry and remember to take your supplements." My mother replied.

Still reeling from my mother's response, I shuffled to the kitchen(e-e-everyday I'm shufflin')  with my eyes to the ground. I spotted a trail of supplement pills leading to the back door, looking out into the back yard I found an 'x' mark at the end of the trail. Mother obviously wanted me to find this, it was really suspicious. Over come by my curiousity, I poked the 'x' mark with my toes and the next thing I knew, I was fell through a dug pit landed on a waterbed.
   At the botttom of the pit I found a bottle labeled "youthfulness". Finally, something to end this nightmare! I downed it without a second thought and suddenly all the aches and pains were gone, I could move like I used to when I was 17! I must be healed! Suddenly my mother pop-ed her head over the pit and pulled me out. She took a glance at me and sighed. "Well, at least only your outside appearance looks like an 80 year old. I guess my eternal youth potion failed again." She said.
   And the it all came rushing back to me. My mother accidentally turned me into an 80 year old woman in her quest for a potion of eternal youth and has been trying to undo the effect of the potion ever since. The only consistant effect of her potions was to make people forget after they remembered what happened or maybe my self defence was to erase the traumatizing memory. I spent the rest of my days shufflin' (cue party rock song)

I'm not on drugs, just lack of sleep. Sorry for party rockin'~

Asia Colion

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