Sunday, August 25, 2013

Munching Mondays- Meal planning?

Choices, choices.

Remember those times when your friend asks you "What do you want to eat?" And you immediately hate them for asking you something which you yourself haven't the foggiest idea? 

When I mention "meal planning", you're probably thinking of housewife duties (no sandwich jokes please). In fact, meal planning, will help you answering that dreaded question
Man, go make your own sandwich.

Even more so  if you plan to prepare your own meals because if you're anything like me, you'll find yourself standing by the stove for 30 minutes and still unsure of what to cook.

So why meal planning? 

3 Benefits of meal planning
·        Saves time
o   No more standing in front of that stove for 30 minutes thinking of what to cook for dinner.
o   No more walking around the food aisle wondering which ingredient to buy
·        Saves money
o   No more finding you have to run out to Tesco/Coldstorage/Ben's/etc..)
o   No more buying ingredients which you will find in your fridge weeks later in the process of decomposing
·        Need to shed some pounds/kg?
o   Planning out what you’re going to eat within the week can help you count and cut unnecessary calories
o   Easily monitor what kinds of food we eat to maintain a balanced diet.

Still think meal planning is for sissy people? Then join me for the next blog post on my weekly meal plans to have a glimpse of the benefits without having to do the actual work yourself :D

See you next time ~

Asia Colion

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