Sunday, October 5, 2014

Serene Sundays - And it's a wrap!

It's been a busy weekend for me! My sister has finally gotten married! (YAY!)

 I'm so glad everything went well and smoothly without hitches

Peace out Y'all~

Monday, September 29, 2014

Manic Monday- Working student life?

Well, I practically worked the whole week last week which was why there wasn't any post.

People who study and work at the same time...I will never look at them the same way ever again
They are some kind of magical beings who manage their time so precisely and appropriately.

I look at them in awe and with complete respect because I am struggling to do what they seem to be doing so effortlessly haha!

I gotta go slay the 8000 word assignment now. :(
Hopefully, I'll be able to produce a better next post  

Asia Colion

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Terrible Tuesday- Yup, bad days happen.

Hello Everyone! I've missed blogging quite a few times now haven't I?

I've just came back from a terrible day at work. How terrible you ask me? Probably not as bad as yours! 

Terrible Things Today (Tx3)
  • Student #1 destroyed 3 story books and a jigsaw puzzle board by using saliva
This gives a whole new meaning of being hungry for knowledge, honey...
  • Got unintentionally knee-ed in the head by student #2
I know you're angry at me for not giving you the storybook, but books are meant to be read, not thrown onto the floor.
  • Student #3 refused to do worksheet even when I'm sitting within reach
You can do this sh!t sheet, I saw your previous work. This worksheet can definitely be done by you. No, I don't care if you're still in holiday mood.
  • Student 4# wet pants
When persons' gotta go, please go! All this pee and poop just gets me down.

  • Student #5 got injured from running around
Injuries are not cool....your parents are gonna think that I'm abusing you. It's more like the lot of you are abusing me!
  • Student 6# tried to take me into the toilet 
My dear, you gotta learn how to clean up your own dirt cuzgurl, I ain't got time fodat!
  • Student #7 spilling my nicely arrange teaching materials all over the floor and mixing them up
I...can't.....even....explain to you how troublesome it is to sort out 3 sets of alphabet cards(26x3), about 20 over occupation flash cards and 20 over transportation flash cards...well actually, I can. It's like: !@#$%^&*(*&^%$#$%#@!@!@#$%^&*()_))(*&^%$#@!
  • I've probably lost my voice today from trying to control the class today
Antic of student #1,#3 and #7 occurring at the same time. Lovely!

See, not really as bad as your day. Oh gosh, I'm such a complainer! Bad Asia, bad!

I sincerely hope you had a much better day than me because nobody, and I mean nobody, has to deal with book eating students, pee and being knee-ed in the head all on the same day. Haha!

On a happier and less complain-ish note, I left work early today because I be like, imma be awesome and go home and not be uspet over all that has happened today la la la~

And here I am complaining on the internet like the social media abuser that I am~

Cheers to the bad days and many more to come!

Asia Colion

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Whimsical Wednesdays- I say Capt'n, now buy a flow'r off a poor girl

Hello everyone! It's certainly been a while now hasn't it?
Today, I was preparing some party favours for a doe party and the party's theme was regency time period. Think Pride and Prejudice and any Jane Austen novel/movie.

Regency = old times in England, ladies had governesses and men went to Eton. Pretty fancy in my opinion. I was really cracking my head over what kind of party favours to prepare and then I chanced upon this:

Not exactly recency period, but I'm pretty sure flowers were sold by poor children and the well off people would sometimes buy a small posy of flowers out of whim.

I thought it would be a good idea to give my guests cute little posies of flowers and roses was a very popular flower during the regency period because creating hybrid roses was considered a 'sport' back then and people would try to breed as many different kinds of roses.

The idea was just too cute and there is a shop near my home, which sells beautiful fake flowers for a good price.

They actually sold foam type fake flowers, which I chose over plastic and satin because they look much better compared to satin and plastic.

 Foam flowers also have this kind texture which is not as stiff as plastic yet not as soft as satin which makes it keep its form better yet still look soft.

They have a kind of natural look to them and from far away, I think they look pretty realistic :)

The stems were thin and soft wires which were easy to manipulate, but once bunched up, it made a pretty sturdy stem.

Before wrapping with florist tape
After wrapping with florist tape
Wrapping the stems with florist tape (which the store also sold) gave the posies a more polished finish as well as to prevent people from getting poked by the thin wires

 I realised much later on that I probably should not have tied the ribbon before wrapping the florist tape but, I guess it's preference.

After that I decorated each posy with organza cloth and ribbons to make it all girly and pretty. Initially, I was going to make them all the same, but then I couldn't decide how to decorate it. In the end, each posy has a different pattern. Haha!

Now pop them in a wicker basket for that rustic look and you're all set to go!

Personally, if I got flowers as a gift, I wouldn't know what to do with them, but I hope my guest like it.

Asia Colion

Friday, September 12, 2014

Funtastic Fridays- Sorry!

Hi everyone! I will have to apologize for such a late post today! I conveniently accidentally forgot that I had a staff meeting today.

Initially I wanted to make  peach pie for this post, but due to really bad traffic, I reached home really late and was unable to make the pie. 

At most I actually posted? Haha
Watch some adventure time instead. Adventure time is my favorite cartoon crack (anti-drug). It's so crazy that you'll be going "what the...heck just happened?!"

Yup. My not so secret hobby. Enjoy or have the feeling that you've just wasted 15 minutes of your life haha

Let me know what are the craziest cartoons you still watch in the comments below!

Asia Colion

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Mid Autumn festival post

  1. Prepare some Chinese tea or tea of your choice
  2. Find a nice and cool place to sit comfortably
  3. Please play this video at  a low volume to set the ambience

All set and ready to go. Story time!

In the cool darkness of the night, I sat on the terrace facing the garden. The sound of the stream flowing and the wind blowing gently through the wind chimes was soothing. Sad and lonely even. 
Sitting on the terrace on a full moon night always brought back memories of her.

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, yet she seemed unattainable. I was a simple archer and she was a palace maid.  Nevertheless, the opportunity arose for me to win her hand in marriage and with my simple archery skills I had her, but all too soon she slipped through my fingers.

If only I did not let the fame and popularity get to my head, then she would not have to experience the fear and anxiety of the pill falling into the wrong hands. It's too late now. She's gone and it was my own folly that brought it about.

On full moon nights like this I wonder is she thinks of me or even remembers me. Will lighting up these lanterns help her so see me down here?

Chang'e I miss you.

Hey everyone! I know this story is a little bit sad and solemn but it's my interpretation of what a sequel of the story of the moon lady would be. This is the original story (The story of Chang'e and Hou Yi) which I'm referring too (original story) This is a story about the mid autumn moon festival

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone!
Eat lots of moon cake with Chinese tea and light up some lanterns!
I don't pray to the moon lady (Chang'e) it's just a folklore which accompanies the festival for me
Here's a picture of a pretty mooncake from Chorus Hotel~

Asia Colion

Friday, September 5, 2014

Funtastic Fridays - Life's like a box of chocolates...

It's Friday! I have never appreciated Friday as much as I have today.
The quote "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get" from Forrest Gump the movie,
rings true for me today. I never knew that you can do something that you like and still feel so tired.

I would like to think that I worked hard this week and now it's time for some pampering!

Cue music, rockabilly time!

Nothing as pampering as a good self pedicure session! I personally feel that I neglect my feet a lot despite all the hard work they have to do with making me mobile.

Especially when I used to go for ballet classes... the abuse I put my feet through (shudders)
Inside our pretty little ballet slippers is probably a pair of feet uglier than average feet

The thing about doing pedicures for me is that , I have really tiny toenails (or nails in general)
Check out my cute feeties! (I'm being sarcastic, I know it looks terrible.)
Going to a nail salon to do manicures and pedicures are an absolute waste of money, especially if they only have options for painting nails. What my feet really need is to be rid of callouses and dead skin cells (and an exfoliation would be nice)

A lot of my friends ask me what I do with my free time, I usually just tell them I read books, but I'm actually watching cat videos on the internet! HAHA!!

I may be Kidding,  I do read books, but I also watch cat videos online and sometimes, I chance upon really....interesting stuff, which I end up reacting like this: YEEERRR!! SO CUTE ONE!!!

Yup, so, now you know what I do with my free time.

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my funtastic friday~
Let me know what you do during your free time in the comments section !
Asia Colion