Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Random Ramblings -The not so secret confessions of a graduate

So a while ago I said something about a graduation post and here it is!

Like I mentioned an earlier post (click here) I've finally graduated with a degree at last!

I am no longer a dishonor to my family! :')

The Not so Secret Confession Time:

1. I hate having photos taken of me

  • should be awarded a Masters of looking awkward in almost every picture

Exhibit A: Dat. Awkward. Grin.
  • However, there will be those RARE candid shots which actually look normal and not awkward, I could almost dare say, nice! 
Exhibit B: Granny Shot, Captured by Andrew Mah

2.  Before my graduation, I used to get nightmares that the administrator in charge of the Results Portal made a mistake. We get our results earlier than our graduation, online, so I knew what my “grade” was.
  • I got nightmares that I did worse than stated on the Results Portal quite frequently (Kiasu much? I think so! haha)

  • Fortunately, I did unbelievably well (HALLELUJAH!) by God’s grace because it could not have been my own efforts (I mean, I’ve been a dunce from the time I started kindergarten, real honest. My parents can attest to the validity of my statement. (Sad but true)
3. I bought my graduation dress the day before my graduations (Because I’m fab like that~)
  • I was going to wear something simple and plain, but my flighty friend, Sienna Newton Ho, was like: NO! YOU HAVE TO WEAR A NICE DRESS!! (She just wants me to look good in the photographs, God bless her soul, but I think I’m a lost cause)

  • No dress, no matter how nice will save me from my awkward photo sickness :’)

Here are some pictures from my graduation that are not awkward
Not awkward...
...because I'm...

...not in it!
On a more serious note (get your tissue ready):

  • I thank God for always helping me through my whole life and especially during the tough times in uni (all those tears and sleepless nights!)
  • I would like to thank my parents for allowing and even encouraging me to enter University despite knowing what a dunce I really am and how expensive it is to send a child to university. Your support did not go unnoticed.
  • I thank my whole family (sister, uncle, aunty, cousin, etc) for supporting my choice of degree despite how unpopular and unrecognized my degree is (I studies Education in Special Needs) in Malaysia.
  • My classmates and friends, I love you guys! Uni life would not be the same without you! 
    • All those surprise meal deliveries
    • Late night support helpline
    • Forcibly making me take a break because you know I'm gonna have a breakdown if I don't
    • Heart to heart sessions about our struggles and then encouraging each other
    • Crazy mamak/ makan session
    • Taking me to the clinic when necessary
    • Random joyrides-turn-shopping-trips to relieve stress

Of pearly whites and awkward grins
Class of 2014! I  you guys 
The extended Uni family!  I  you guys too!
My not so sexy back, boo yeah!
You know who you are and I thank God for you constantly!  

Asia Colion


tien mie said...

this post is very entertaining!!

Asia Colion said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Stay tuned for Funtastic Fridays!

Eileen Elena said...

I love your graduation dress !! So pretty !! :D

Asia Colion said...

Thanks Eileen!