Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The epic tale of the battle of necessary evils

So, it's been a while since I last posted and... I would just like to say I'm really sorry for always being so inconsistant, but I SWEAR I ONLY DID IT FOR A GOOD CAUSE!!

So, "what is this good cause?" you ask me. The title says it all! Short story time!

       Once upon a time in a far away land where the people lived in trees with wifi and cable tv, lived a young woman by the name of Asia Colion. She once valiantly vowed to update her blog as frequent as 3 days a week and kept her promise for a few months. She posted about food, fun, crafty shenanigans and a sprinkling of her daily life, but as time went by, she enrolled into a university to further improve her shallow and tiny mind.

       As time went by, the number of her postings decreased and stopped altogether and she broke her promise. You must be thinking what an awful person she is to break a promise she had made, but the reasons on why she broke her promise was not known to the world. She was engaged in a battle, a battle too horrific to recount! A battle of mind and body with the darkest enemies of humankind!


       Alas! That was but  only one major enemy! She battled against Priorities, Time Management, Stress, Academic Text, Unreasonable Assignments, The Nasty Lecturer (This one was a real tough one!), Insomnia and many others which were just as devastatingly evil. The constant assault of the evils wore her thin till she could no longer find inspiration to blog.  The battle lasted for 3 years with no cease to the attacks, but at last she emerged from the battle victorious!

        Full of remorse for breaking her promise, she has returned to blogging fearing that all is lost and that nobody would ever want to read her blog ever again and this time she will be facing even more devastating evils, Evils which she has never faced before: Work Life. She begs for forgiveness and hopes that everyone will understand the inconsistencies of her posts. She also invites everyone to follow her battles in the coming near future if they can bear with the inconsistencies.

So yeah, story of my life in a nutshell. I've graduated but I'll reserve that for another post!
To be honest, I really had a lot of fun writing this and I do hope you had fun reading it!


Asia Colion


tien mie said...

Love your style of writing, Al :) It's good to be back on yr page haha!

TheAppleEatter said...

Aww thanks! I wish I can write more sophsticated things but I just wanna keep things light! I'm sure there is a balance between sophisticated and light, I just haven't found it haha

Eileen Elena said...

Together strive in the battle field !!!

Asia Colion said...