Monday, September 8, 2014

The Mid Autumn festival post

  1. Prepare some Chinese tea or tea of your choice
  2. Find a nice and cool place to sit comfortably
  3. Please play this video at  a low volume to set the ambience

All set and ready to go. Story time!

In the cool darkness of the night, I sat on the terrace facing the garden. The sound of the stream flowing and the wind blowing gently through the wind chimes was soothing. Sad and lonely even. 
Sitting on the terrace on a full moon night always brought back memories of her.

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, yet she seemed unattainable. I was a simple archer and she was a palace maid.  Nevertheless, the opportunity arose for me to win her hand in marriage and with my simple archery skills I had her, but all too soon she slipped through my fingers.

If only I did not let the fame and popularity get to my head, then she would not have to experience the fear and anxiety of the pill falling into the wrong hands. It's too late now. She's gone and it was my own folly that brought it about.

On full moon nights like this I wonder is she thinks of me or even remembers me. Will lighting up these lanterns help her so see me down here?

Chang'e I miss you.

Hey everyone! I know this story is a little bit sad and solemn but it's my interpretation of what a sequel of the story of the moon lady would be. This is the original story (The story of Chang'e and Hou Yi) which I'm referring too (original story) This is a story about the mid autumn moon festival

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone!
Eat lots of moon cake with Chinese tea and light up some lanterns!
I don't pray to the moon lady (Chang'e) it's just a folklore which accompanies the festival for me
Here's a picture of a pretty mooncake from Chorus Hotel~

Asia Colion


tien mie said...

have u tried jelly mooncake? i've always wanted to try but parents r conventional. they want d original one lol

Asia Colion said...

OMG Jelly mooncakes are so yummy! they're my favorite kind because jelly is my favorite dessert. Jelly is 0 calories and it's a light and cool dessert to enjoy!

tien mie said...

wait jelly is 0 calories??? how did i not knw tht!! ok i'll sub mcd for jelly

Asia Colion said...

Haha! Good luck !