Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Terrible Tuesday- Yup, bad days happen.

Hello Everyone! I've missed blogging quite a few times now haven't I?

I've just came back from a terrible day at work. How terrible you ask me? Probably not as bad as yours! 

Terrible Things Today (Tx3)
  • Student #1 destroyed 3 story books and a jigsaw puzzle board by using saliva
This gives a whole new meaning of being hungry for knowledge, honey...
  • Got unintentionally knee-ed in the head by student #2
I know you're angry at me for not giving you the storybook, but books are meant to be read, not thrown onto the floor.
  • Student #3 refused to do worksheet even when I'm sitting within reach
You can do this sh!t sheet, I saw your previous work. This worksheet can definitely be done by you. No, I don't care if you're still in holiday mood.
  • Student 4# wet pants
When persons' gotta go, please go! All this pee and poop just gets me down.

  • Student #5 got injured from running around
Injuries are not cool....your parents are gonna think that I'm abusing you. It's more like the lot of you are abusing me!
  • Student 6# tried to take me into the toilet 
My dear, you gotta learn how to clean up your own dirt cuzgurl, I ain't got time fodat!
  • Student #7 spilling my nicely arrange teaching materials all over the floor and mixing them up
I...can't.....even....explain to you how troublesome it is to sort out 3 sets of alphabet cards(26x3), about 20 over occupation flash cards and 20 over transportation flash cards...well actually, I can. It's like: !@#$%^&*(*&^%$#$%#@!@!@#$%^&*()_))(*&^%$#@!
  • I've probably lost my voice today from trying to control the class today
Antic of student #1,#3 and #7 occurring at the same time. Lovely!

See, not really as bad as your day. Oh gosh, I'm such a complainer! Bad Asia, bad!

I sincerely hope you had a much better day than me because nobody, and I mean nobody, has to deal with book eating students, pee and being knee-ed in the head all on the same day. Haha!

On a happier and less complain-ish note, I left work early today because I be like, imma be awesome and go home and not be uspet over all that has happened today la la la~

And here I am complaining on the internet like the social media abuser that I am~

Cheers to the bad days and many more to come!

Asia Colion


Mel said...

There, there.

Eileen Elena said...

I am totally speechless!
You are so brave and patient, keep it up ! :O