Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Random Ramblings- Battle on!

After a long sabbatical, Asia Colion jumps back into the battlefield called working life!

So far it's been  my first 2 days at work and I've learnt immensely within 48 hours....I won't deny it, it's been tough

Things I've discovered I need after my first 2 days:
  • I NEED more patience
  • I NEED to be a devil for students to listen to my instructions
  • I NEED to sleep at 8pm 10pm everyday for the rest of my working life (Lest I die from exhaustion at work)
  • I NEED build up my muscles and stamina (Teaching little kids was was physically challenging than I thought it would be)
  • I NEED to be able to tolerate dirt and dirty surroundings and saliva and poo and rice on the floor... (God, please help this clean freak)
On a more positive note:
  • I find my work enjoyable
  • I have very nice co-workers and a great mentor
  • I get to leave work at 4pm and avoid traffic jams
  • Lunch is provided! 

I never thought I would say this, but I think the students are so cute and funny sometimes. However, when they misbehave, they gotta be prepared for my unquenchable wrath!

I think I made a student cry today because I made him pick up buncho paint containers which he poured out  all over the floor  haha.....yeah, I'm a demon 

My own impression of myself would be that I'm just one of those monster teachers who seem to make my students' life miserable because I'm quite strict with them.
My tolerance for misbehavior is not very good
My face when students are misbehaving

Stuff I say throughout the day in class:
  • Sit down. One...Two...Three...(Makes student to sit down)
  • Stop! Put that back!
  • Mr. X (Calling students by their surname)
  • No shouting in class!
  • Wait for your turn!
  • Share with your friends.
  • Etc. (This list could go on and on if i don't stop now)

Over all, I would say, my current view of my job is pretty positive, but it's only been  two days. Maybe my opinion will change by next week.
Going to charge up so I can teach terrorize my little minions my cute little students tomorrow!

If you were a teacher, what kind of teacher would you be? Strict? Kind? Always get bullied? The I-don't-care? 
Let me know in the comments below!

Asia Colion


Mel said...

I want to be an awesome and strict and kind teacher!
You will learn to be all those in time.

Asia Colion said...

Dude, I already am <3 haha

Eileen Elena said...

Post more about your work experience!!
Keep it up! I know you will be a great teacher :)