Friday, September 13, 2013

Funtastic Fridays - Movie!

It's Friday, I'm in love.

So I decided to do something mainstream today. Purely because I have run out of hipster ideas but the hipster in me lives still! 

I'm one of those people who are never current with movies. Honestly, I'm not really bothered about it unless I'm hanging out with movie buffs ( Half of the time I feel like I am.) So I watched Mary Poppins today.

If you have never watched it in your entire life, you SHOULD. I know  it's old but you know old is gold. In addition to Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews, you're in for a good feel good time.
Spoilers if you haven't watched but it's still a pretty cool video
That's all for today. I'm totally out of ideas on what next to blog on Fridays and I'm open to suggestions! Do let me know what you'd like to read about on Fridays. :)

Asia Colion

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