Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wooly Wednesdays - Lacy doorknob cover

Hello everyone! I know I said I wanted to do footwear last Wednesday but I recently moved back to the jungle where I learn how to be a special educator A.K.A University and....

I saw these really cute doorknob covers which are actually to stop children from opening doors and hurting themselves (or something to that effect)

But they were so cute and I thought to myself I could use it for aesthetic reasons (I love pretty things a lot!)

Thus, I made my own! Tada!

I had to modify it so that I could still fit my key into the lock haha!

This is what it looks like opened. makes a good doily if you don't want to cover your doorknobs.

Just some feminine, lacy, ribbony, goodness! 
If you live in a cold country and hate touching cold doorknobs you could probably do this in a less lacy pattern to give you something warm and soft to touch when opening doors. Just a suggestion. :)

Asia Colion


Eileen Elena said...

SO PRETTY ~!!!!!
erhm...welcome gift for my new mansion.. ek ek ek..

TheAppleEatter said...

Hahaha! I need to measure your doorknob 1st