Sunday, September 8, 2013

Munching Mondays! - Wanton Wontons

This is what I have for lunch today!
Homemade wonton soup noodles!
Me wrapping the wontons (Mother dearest prepared everything, I just wrapped the wontons)
The funny story starts here.

Before I was requested to wrap wontons, I was chatting with a friend  when I told him:

Me: Hey I have to go wrap some WANTONS. brb
Friend: Wrap wantons? What?
           Noun: A sexually immodest or promiscuous woman

And of course when I came back I had  the laugh of my life although I'm not really sure he found it funny.
Anyway, I explained to him what i meant and that in Cantonese we pronounce is as "wan tan" like "Wan tan mee." 

Gosh! Imagine what he must have been thinking while I was wrapping wontons clueless-ly!!

Asia running around the red-light district like a maniac and wrapping clothes around immodest women while screaming at them: REPENT AND DRESS MODESTLY!!

Then dashing on to the next woman and leaving a trail of havoc in my wake! So much fun and excitement!

Haha! I wish for adventure and excitement in my life so I can only dream about it for now. I hope you had a good laugh with this post! :D

Do let me know if you've ever encountered funny moments from a misunderstanding. Spread the laughter ;)

Asia Colion

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