Monday, September 16, 2013

Munching Mondays- Garlic smelling hands

I really have an insane craving for mac and cheese now but I only have healthy food with me. Hence, I will have a healthy dinner TOMORROW! (Procrastinators unite!)

So, my hands smell like garlic and I find that rather yucky but at least I won't have to cut garlic for a long time. Why ?

The trick for cooking which I use to reduce my cooking time is to pre-chop my garlic and store them in cooking oil then put it in the fridge.

It's completely safe! I have been doing this for the whole of my previous semester and I did not have any stomach discomfort nor did Sienna. (My ex-roomie and the person with the lacy purple scarf)

After all you only need two things: Garlic and oil (prefably not olive because you can't heat olive oil  too much or it will be bad for your health.) I used vegetable oil(Palm oil, I think.)

How I did it?

  1. Crush and peel garlic
  2.  Chop garlic finely
  3. Put in an air tight glass jar (or clean old pasta sauce bottles)
  4. Fill jar with oil till you cover the garlic
  5. Put in fridge

As you can see the oil solidifies. This is completely normal and a good thing! Reason?
You can  now control the amount of oil you use without accidentally pouring out too much into the pan while cooking.

You also get Garlic infuse oil. How do we use it now that we have a jar full of garlic in oil? (and garlic smelling hands)

  1. Grab a spoon
  2. Scoop out the amount of oil garlic mixture
  3. Drop into warm pan 
  4. Fry garlic till golden brown
  5. Stir fry vegetable/meat
  6. Put the oil  and fried garlic into a bowl and add in some soy sauce for a simple dressing

Hope you found this tip useful :)

Asia Colion

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