Friday, September 6, 2013

Funtastic Fridays - Tea time therapy

Hello everyone! It's Friday again! This week has been rather hectic for me and here's why:
Yup that's my closet and practically all my clothes left. Give me a ":)" for arranging it according to the colours of the rainbow.  
The other half belongs to my sister. Some people may think that's so little clothes other would think it's a lot of clothes. Well I think it's TOO MUCH clothes! It's been  a nightmare. So this Friday, I'm gonna have myself  some tea time therapy!

What's tea time therapy? Guys probably won't understand this but if you ever want to make a girl happy, this might (all girls are different after all) help.
Felt Asian today.
Some girls enjoy going to really cute (probably pricey) tea places. Why? Because it's cute and it make us feel happy and pampered. But if you're on a tight budget, putting in the effort to make  your own tea time set up a little prettier would be even better!

Don't feel Asian? By all means go Western!
FromFalling leaves 25th/afternoon tea party. If you like artsy stuff you'll love her!
All you need is some tea and pastries. If you have cute tablecloth, cups and teapots WHY NOT?! Just go for it!
There is something just charming about having tea time by yourself if you set it up nicely. It doesn't have to be elaborate. I don't know how others feel about it but to me, it's like having a tea party without having to go through the small talk (I'm not very good at it that's why) and major preparation and clean up. All in all, I find this fun and therapeutic (very relaxing to just sit down and drink tea for no reason). 

That's all for my funtastic Friday, gotta get back to packing those clothes! :'(

Asia Colion


tien mie said...

can tea take away our Third Year stress tht's soon to come?? :P

bye AL!hv a safe trip bk. let's try our best for 3rd yr k. <3

TheAppleEatter said...

Thanks! You too!